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In Memorium

While the music and dance we love has been around for a very long time now, our Association of Beach & Shag D.J's was first conceived in 1984, then became a reality shortly after that time. Even though our formal longevity is still relatively modest, we have nevertheless already lost a number of loyal, valuable, contributing members over these years.

Some of these members were very successful in their chosen fields of work, some were active, loving family men and women, some spent countless hours involved in every sort of

extracurricular activity imaginable--from charitable and social activities in their communities to membership in larger, even national organizations they loved to support. Many were just nice people, enjoying their lives, maybe nothing notable, nothing special -- in the "15 Seconds of Fame" world we live in now.

But, all these members who have now passed on shared a common bond---their love for our music and dance, and all the things that go along with the lifestyle it embodies. In this, they all were stars in our own beach and shag heaven.

It is for these contributions and their part in our Association that we honor them, their lives, their memory with this section of our web site.

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