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DJ Throwdown

DJ Throwdown has become the premiere party at Ocean Drive (not including SOS) bringing thousands from many states to dance, to hear and spread new music, to renew old friendships or develop new ones and so much more.

The event began as a concept of the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJ's during a general meeting in the summer of 1991. This meeting provided the format for a weekend party with multiple DJ's playing, to be held in Ocean Drive, SC. It was to be free to the public, a concept unheard of at the time! The idea was presented to lounge owners at SOS in September 1991. All of the lounge owners declined except for Norfleet Jones, proprietor of Ducks & Ducks Too at the time. The first DJ Throwdown was held in March 1992 and the host lounge was packed all weekend long!


With newfound success, it was decided to add an additional day to DJ Throwdown. In March of 1993, we kicked off DJ Throwdown on Thursday night with a band playing (with a small cover charge for Thursday only). Many national blues acts have performed during DJ Throwdown including the Nighthawks, Eddie Clearwater, Mark Hummel, Roomful of Blues and Anson Funderburgh. In March of 2001 we added a beach music band to the mix. Since then the Fantastic Shakers, The Embers, The Band of Oz and The Craig Woolard Band have helped to solidify the overwhelming success of Throwdown. March of 2022 marks the return of "Back to Basics", a effort to return to the orignal idea behind DJ Throwdown. 


DJ Throwdown continues to be held the first full weekend in March every year. Throughout the event you get to hear DJ's from various regions of the country. Whether you are a hardcore dancer, a shag club officer or a lounge representative looking for a DJ to hire, or you just want to hear some great music, DJ Throwdown is an event you don’t want to miss.

If you are a budding DJ or just a wannabe, there are computer courses throughout the weekend. There are also shag dance lessons and other attractions during the event.


The Richard Nixon Memorial Service Award is presented during Throwdown to the DJ who has exhibited outstanding service (other than deejay service) for any group or entity encompassing the shag dance community or the shag and beach music community at large. Inductions into the Beach Music DJ Hall of Fame are also held during Throwdown weekend. It’s a very exciting time for everyone involved, and the audience in attendance.

We sincerely hope that each of you will mark your calendars and join the Association of Beach and Shag Club DJ's and all of your friends for this great event

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