The Association Of Beach And Shag Club D.J.’s



Revised 3/02/2019

Article 1 – Name


The name of this organization is The Association Of Beach And Shag Club D.J.’s, also referred to in this document as The Association.


Article 2 – Purpose


The purpose of The Association is to promote, preserve, and perpetuate the music associated with the shag dance; to educate; to provide fellowship and news to members and others interested in this music; and to insure a system exists for honoring our peers in these endeavors. It also includes the purposes set out in Article 3 of The Association’s Articles of Incorporation.


Article 3 – Membership


Section 1 – Types


There shall be four types of members in The Association:


A.    A Regular Member is a bona fide Beach and Shag Club D.J. that has met all of the requirements of membership noted in these By-Laws.


B.    A Lifetime Member is an individual who has been a Regular Member for at least two (2) years and has paid a one-time fee to prevent having to pay any more annual membership dues. (The Executive Board shall establish the amount of this fee.)


C.    An Honorary Member is an individual nominated and approved by the President and/or Executive Board to be an Honorary Member. They may be widows or widowers of deceased members of The Association or other individuals as deemed appropriate. Honorary Members have no voting rights, no meeting attendance requirements and do not pay annual dues.


D.    A Corporate Member is an individual, business, social shag club or other organization or group that supports the goals and purposes of The Association. Corporate Members may be approved by the general membership or the Executive Board as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board. Corporate Members have no voting rights and no meeting attendance requirements.


No membership of any type shall be transferable under any circumstance.


Note: The generic term “member” in this document shall refer to both Regular and Lifetime Members unless additional, more specific wording is provided.


Section 2 – Qualifications


At the time of application for Regular Membership into The Association, an applicant must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age, have at least one (1) year of play time and have played at least twelve (12) times either in a commercial beach or shag club and/or for a social shag club during the calendar year immediately preceding such application.



Section 3 – Application Process


A.  Applicants for Regular membership shall submit as a minimum:


1.     A completed membership application that includes positive sponsorship by at least one (1) member in good standing

2.     A letter of recommendation from a qualifying commercial beach or shag club signed by the club owner/manager and/or a letter from the president of a social shag club showing that the prospective member has played at least twelve (12) total times during the previous twelve (12) months. Other supporting letters are encouraged.

3.     A non-refundable application fee of $100. (This fee includes the dues for the current year.)

4.     A schedule of the applicant’s upcoming plays dates for the next few months to be used to aid in scheduling the visitation described below.


B.    Upon receipt of an application package, the Membership Chairman shall review it to make sure all requirements noted above have been met, and that all appropriate information has been provided. If not, the application shall not be submitted for further consideration. Instead, the Membership Chairman shall request that the applicant provide the additional items or information needed. The application package shall be considered “on hold” until the Membership Chairman deems it to be complete.


Note: If there are any deliberate misrepresentations on the application, the application will be denied and the sponsor will be referred to the Ethics Committee for appropriate action.


C.    Once the Membership Chairman is satisfied the package is complete he shall:


1.     Submit the application package to the Executive Board

2.     Submit the applicant’s name to be published in the next newsletter

3.     Appoint a member to visit a location where the prospective member is playing to evaluate his efforts as a D.J. and to provide a report of his findings.


Normally, the visiting member should not live in the same town as the applicant, or be the sponsor, a “good friend” or a relative of the applicant. The report should include, but is not limited to, things like the applicant’s physical appearance, professionalism on microphone, relationship with people, type of equipment and apparent knowledge of equipment operation.


D.    The visiting member shall report back to the Executive Board as soon as possible and, in all cases, before the application is presented to the membership for voting.


E.    When the name of an applicant is published in the newsletter, a note should be included asking anyone who has any reason to oppose the application to immediately share that information with the Membership Chairman. The Membership Chairman’s contact information should be included. The purpose of this directive is to provide the Executive Board with the time and opportunity to investigate any opposition and make appropriate recommendations to the membership at the time of voting. In unusual situations, the Executive Board may delay consideration of an application until further investigation of an application can be completed.


F.     The application should be presented at the next general meeting, offering members in attendance the opportunity to comment. A 51% approval vote shall be required. If a member is approved at the September meeting, their dues for the upcoming year starting October 1st shall be considered “paid”.


Section 4 – Dues


The Executive Board shall establish the amount of the annual dues for Regular and Corporate Members. (Additional donations, product or service discounts, etc. from Corporate members are also appreciated.) Dues for the coming year should be paid by September 1st, and no later than September 30th. Members who have still not paid their dues by October 15th shall have their membership deemed “inactive”.


Section 5 – Inactive Membership Status


Membership status will be rendered inactive if one or more of the following occur:


A.    Failure to attend at least one regular or mini meeting within the fiscal/club year.


Note: Lifetime Members who obtained their Lifetime Membership prior to October 1, 2009 are exempt from this requirement.


B.    Failure to pay dues by October 15th of each calendar year


C.    Failure to pay other monies owed to The Association or its members on a timely basis. This includes monies owed for banners, apparel, or other items, as well as debts to Association members related to the “D.J.” profession.


D.    Serious misconduct in the performance of professional D.J. duties while otherwise “representing” this Association, or in any personal capacity.


Any member who is placed in “inactive” status shall have their name removed from the membership roster. Inactive members are not eligible to participate in any Association activity including meetings, voting, Throwdown, etc., and are not entitled to any member benefits. This includes displaying any banner containing The Association’s logo.


If a member was deemed inactive for failing to attend a meeting, the member may obtain active status by attending a regular or mini meeting and providing proof of attendance to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the next general meeting. That member will be announced at, and considered active for that meeting.


Any member deemed “inactive” for failure to pay dues who wishes to be reinstated as an active member must complete the Reinstatement Request Form and submit it, along the with fees described on the form, to the Secretary at least 30 days prior to the next general membership meeting. That member will then be announced and reinstated during that meeting. If reinstatement occurs at the Meeting at Fall SOS, the reinstatement will not become effective and all rights restored until October 1st. But dues will be considered “paid” for the new year.


If a member was deemed inactive for a reason other than dues payment or attendance and wishes to be reinstated, that request shall be referred to the Ethics Committee for further investigation and action.


Section 6 – Removal From Membership


Membership may be revoked for reasons including, but not limited to, serious misconduct in the performance of professional D.J. duties while otherwise “representing” this Association or for serious misconduct in any personal capacity.


When a case of alleged serious misconduct is identified, the President may immediately act to suspend any member by making his membership “inactive” pending final action by the Executive Board, Ethics Committee, or membership. Such a suspension is “investigatory” in nature and should not be construed otherwise.


Any member with such allegations brought against him or her shall be availed of the opportunity to fully respond to such. The response may take the form of a written explanation or appearance before the Executive Board, Ethics Committee or membership as appropriate.


If the Ethics Committee determines that an individual’s actions warrant removal from membership, that decision shall be published in The Association’s next newsletter. A final determination will then be made by majority vote of the members at the next regular meeting.  


A member dismissed for reason of serious misconduct may reapply for membership after five (5) calendar years. Approval shall require a two-thirds (67%) positive vote of the members present at the Annual Meeting in September. Any time such re-application is denied, he or she must wait five (5) additional years to apply again.

Article 4 – Officers


The five (5) officers of this organization are:


  1. The President

  2. The Vice-President

  3. The Secretary

  4. The Treasurer.

  5. Sergeant-At-Arms


Section 1 – Duties


The duties of the officers include, but are not limited to, those listed below:


A.    President


1.     Chairs all general membership meetings

2.     Serves as a member of, and Chairs all meetings of the Executive Board

3.     Nominates three (3) members of the Executive Board from the membership

4.     Appoints all committee chairpersons

5.     Appoints members to serve on the Council of States

6.     Approves meeting minutes after each general membership meeting.


B.    Vice-President


1.     Assumes the duties of the President when the President is absent or incapacitated

2.     Serves as the Chairman of the Ethics Committee

3.     Calls meetings of the Ethics Committee as required

4.     Serves as member of the Executive Board.


C.    Secretary


1.     Serves as the Membership Chairman

2.     Maintains the master list of names and contact information of all members of all types

3.     Provides updated membership data to the Webmaster and Newsletter Editor in a timely manner

4.     Sends out the membership dues notices to the members

5.     Issues membership cards to members as appropriate

6.     Records the minutes of all general membership meetings and provides them to the President for approval prior to their presentation to the membership at a general meeting

7.     Serves as a member of the Executive Board.


D.    Treasurer


1.     Accounts for all monies of The Association

2.     Establishes and maintains bank accounts as needed

3.     Writes checks as directed by the President or Executive Board

4.     Serves as a member of the Executive Board.


E.    Sergeant-At-Arms


  1. Maintains order at all general meetings of The Association

  2. Performs other duties at the general meetings at the direction of the President

  3. Serves as a member of the Executive Board.




Section 2 – Stipulations


Officers shall be active members who are nominated and elected by majority vote of the members present at the Annual Meeting in September to serve a one-year term. Such term begins October 1st (following the September election) and continues through the following September 30th.


No officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.


No individual may hold more than one (1) office at the same time.


Section 3 – Removal From Office


Any officer may be removed from his or her office by a majority vote of the members present at a regular meeting where a quorum exists, following a recommendation for such a recall vote by the Executive Board.


If an officer dies, resigns or is removed from their position, the Executive Board may or may not decide to name a replacement to serve out the remainder of that individual’s term.


Article 5 – The Executive Board


A.    The Executive Board shall consist of the five current officers, the immediate Past President, and three other active members who have been nominated by the current President and approved by the majority of the other members of the Executive Board.


B.    No one (1) individual shall hold more than one position on the Executive Board.


C.    The Executive Board shall meet at least four (4) times annually to conduct official Association business, propose activities, direct projects, and conduct other business as appropriate.


D.    A bona fide Executive Board meeting shall occur when there is a minimum of five (5) Executive Board members present.


E.    Executive Board meetings may also include selected members as is necessary and prudent in the conduct of business. Other individual members wishing to attend meetings of the Executive Board are invited to contact any Board member to request inclusion at such events.


Every effort will be made to make such requesting members a part of the meeting, but time, space, and other factors may not permit such an inclusion. Any member attendance at Executive Board Meetings is limited to observation and comment.


F.     The Executive Board shall designate members in good standing to fill committee and other appointed positions. Such committees may include, but are not limited to:


1.     Membership Committee – Assists prospective members, recruits, aids the Executive Board in such activities, prepares membership cards, etc. The chair of the Membership Committee shall be the current Secretary.


2.     Entertainment/Social Committee – Proposes internal events for members and their families/guests. If these are approved, arranges these functions and ensures their success.


G.    The Executive Board may authorize any member of The Association to enter into a contract or execute and deliver any instrument on behalf of The Association. Such authority may be general or specific in nature.


The Executive Board must approve any such contract or instrument in advance.



Article 6 – Council Of States


For each state where five (5) or more members reside, the President may appoint one (1) or more Council Of States representatives. Those representatives shall inform and advise the Executive Board and the general membership of Association-related activities in the state they represent. They are encouraged to seek out worthwhile activities for The Association to be involved with, in keeping with its stated goals and purposes.


Members of the Council of States are highly encouraged to attend Executive Board meetings and may be called upon at any regular or Executive Board meeting to report on activities in their respective states.


Article 7 – Ethics Committee


The Ethics Committee investigates complaints, problems, issues raised by members, or about members, involving any item that may affect The Association and proposes resolutions as needed. Such issues may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate behavior, disagreements among individuals, etc. The Chairman of the Ethics Committee is the Vice-President.


Activities of The Ethics Committee are conducted with discretion, in close concert with the President and the Executive Board.


Any action taken in The Association’s name as the result of such an issue shall be taken by the President or Executive Board as appropriate.


The President or the Ethics Committee Chairman, as appropriate, may inform any member seeking information about this Committee’s activities.


To insure confidentiality and to encourage the active resolution of issues, no public report of The Ethic Committee’s activities is normally made.


Article 8 – Other Committees And Appointed Positions


The President may appoint a committee for any purpose at any time. The term of these committees shall be until the fulfillment of the purpose, or until the President leaves office, whichever comes first.


The President also appoints the following positions. Their duties include, but are not limited to those listed here.  


A.    Webmaster


1.     Maintains The Association’s website

2.     Ensures changes in roster data and other information on the site are updated as soon as practicable after being received.


B.    Newsletter Editor


1.     Coordinates, creates, edits submissions, and publishes The Association’s Newsletter in accordance with established schedules

2.     Sends out a communication prior to each newsletter deadline to remind members to submit information for publication.


C.    Historian


1.     Maintains various historical records for The Association

2.     Maintains a paper or electronic copy of each of The Association’s newsletters

3.     Maintains the official, current copy of The Association’s By-Laws and copies of all past By-Laws.




D.    Chaplain


1.     Acts as a focal point for The Association in cases of a member’s injury, illness or death, etc.

2.     Notifies the general membership of these situations

3.     Recommends appropriate Association response to the President

4.     Sends flowers, cards or other items as directed by the President in the name of The Association.


Article 9 – Treasury


All monies due The Association or its members shall be processed expediently through the Treasurer. The Treasurer shall also do disbursements of funds by The Association.


Monies disbursed shall normally require supporting documentation including receipts, bills of sale or similar.


Members should present documentation of reimbursable expenses as soon as possible to the Treasurer. Anticipated expenses may be “paid in advance,” where feasible and prudent by the Treasurer at his or her discretion. Supporting documentation, as described previously, should then be supplied as these expenses occur.


There will be a limit of $50.00 on any reimbursable expenditure by any member without approval of The Executive Board.


Article 10 – Awards


A “Hall of Fame” for The Association’s members has been approved by vote of the members. However, due to the prior existence of the “Beach D.J. Hall of Fame”, which consists largely of members of The Association, The Association’s own “Hall Of Fame” has not yet been established. For the purposes of these By-Laws, it stands unformulated at this time and open for later action if desired by the membership.


The “Richard Nixon Memorial Service Award” for members of The Association is presented annually to the D.J. or D.J.’s who have performed outstanding service other than D.J. service for any one or more of the following entities: The Association of Beach and Shag Club D.J.’s, the shag dance community at large, or the shag and beach music community at large.


The Executive Board shall determine the criteria for nominations and selection of winners.


Article 11 – Miscellaneous


  1. The fiscal/club year of The Association is set as October 1st through September 30th. In certain circumstances, where appropriate, the Executive Board may approve for other such periods to replace this one.


A grace period of fifteen (15) days shall exist after the end of the fiscal/club year just for the purpose of allowing a member to make their dues payment prior to their membership being considered inactive.


  1. The three regular meetings of The Association shall consist of the meetings held during Spring S.O.S., D.J. Throwdown, and Fall S.O.S. The Fall S.O.S. meeting shall also be considered the Annual Meeting In September. In unusual circumstances, the Executive Board may change, replace or add a meeting to these.


  1. Mini Meetings may be called at any location where a group of D.J.’s may gather so long as The President approves the meeting and advance notice of the meeting is provided to the membership. Attendance at a mini meeting fulfills attendance requirements for members. However, the term “meeting” as otherwise used in this document is not intended to be confused with a mini meeting.


  1. A quorum shall consist of thirty (30) active members, or thirty (30) percent of the current, active membership, whichever is less.


E.    Mr. Mike Lewis, a former Association member, designed the logo currently being used by The Association in 1983. Mr. Lewis officially donated this logo to The Association in 1991, upon The Association’s formation, for use of The Association, in perpetuity.


This logo is the property of The Association and may be used for any appropriate reason by members of The Association. Any questions concerning use of the logo should be referred to the President or Executive Board for determination. Inappropriate or unauthorized use of the logo is considered serious misconduct as well as illegal infringement of the copyright.


F.     The Free Play Rule was enacted to insure and foster fair, equitable competition among members of this Association, at their insistence. This “rule” requires members to always charge a reasonable fee when playing beach or shag music in a commercial or social shag club setting, notwithstanding the actual location of the event or function. In the case of charitable activities, not associated with this organization itself, members may elect to donate their services or time back to that charitable activity.


G.    Only Members and Corporate members may purchase or display Association banners.


H.    Whenever any notice (as a legal action under the North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation Act, or any like legislation from another state or government entity) is required to be given to any member of The Association, or similar action is required under the charter or By-Laws of this Association, a waiver thereof in writing, signed by the person or persons entitled to such notice, whether before or after the time stated therein shall be equivalent, for these purposes only to the actual giving of such notice.


I.     The Association may maintain a Policies And Procedures document which further details operating practices, lists some of the decisions made by the President or Executive Board or general membership, and denotes other information that may be helpful or important to The Association.


Article 12 By-Laws


These By-Laws may be revised or replaced at any time by a majority of the members present at a duly called meeting where a quorum exists using the following procedure.


Proposed revisions must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board. They will discuss the proposed revision(s) in a duly constituted Executive Board Meeting and make a decision as to its merits.


The proposal must be announced to the membership in The Association’s newsletter or by E-mail communication. The proposal, along with the Executive Board’s recommendation will then be presented at the next regular meeting.


Approval of By-Law changes or replacements must be made by majority vote of active members present at a duly called meeting where a quorum exists.



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