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<<Our Purpose>>


The Association of Beach and Shag DeeJays was originally formed to promote and be an active instrument in the preservation and dissemination of the music we love---and all things associated with that music. This "world" view is often called the "beach and shag" lifestyle, and includes the shag dance, beach and shag gatherings of all sizes, shag dance contests, junior (for participants less than 21 years old) events and much, much more.

Our members are involved at every level of these, from simply playing the music we love to being the guiding force or heading up the event---as individual shag club officers, Board members or officers in larger organizations (such as the Society of Stranders or the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs) or, on may cases, sponsors, club owners and such.

As secondary, yet equally important, purposes, we strive to:

  • Be active, contributing participants and integral parts of national, regional and local charity events and efforts---for both individuals and causes.
  • Exhibit the professionalism needed to be viewed as sources of information about the music, dance and lifestyle we love---all the better to enable us to spread this "good word."
  • Pass our legacy on to aspiring, interested persons new to deejaying, dancing, or simply being a fan and participant in this beach and shag culture.


Anyone interested in learning more about our music, our dance, this beach and shag lifestyle or culture should feel confident in reaching out to our membership seeking both guidance and assistance in this pursuit.

This is especially true as to our officers and Board members, listed elsewhere in this web site. While every member can provide information, most all have "other" interests, jobs, families, obligations that may necessarily limit both their free time and availability.

With that in mind, you are encouraged to start this search with:

David Sessoms (910)-424-2628 SBODJDave@gmail.com

Steve Baker (919)-676-2159 SBaker4@nc.rr.com

We will be happy to start you on the road to learning about what we do, how we do it, how you can get involved, events in the beach and shag "world" and more....







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