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(23 April 2016)

1.   The current address of this organization is: The Association of Beach and Shag Club Deejays, P.O. Box 58033, Fayetteville, NC 28305.

2.   The purpose of this organization is “To promote, preserve, and perpetuate the music associated with the Shag dance; to provide fellowship and news to members and others interested in this music; and, to insure a system exists for honoring our peers in these endeavors.” It also includes the purposes set out in Article 3, Articles of Incorporation.

3.   The officers of this organization will be nominated by the general membership in September of each calendar year, elected by those active, regular members present at the Annual Meeting each September, and will serve a one year term. Such term begins October 1 (following the September election) and continues through the following September 30. No officer shall serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in one office. Any officer may be removed from his or her office by a majority vote of the then current regular members, following a recommendation for such a recall vote by the Board of Directors. The five officers of this association are:


-          President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Sergeant-At-Arms


Note: If an officer resigns or is removed from office, the Board of Directors will name a replacement to serve out the remainder of that officer’s term, or may choose not to fill this office for the unexpired term. In such case, one or more of the members of the Board of Directors would assume those duties until the next election.


The duties of the elected officers include, but are not limited to, the following: 



- Chairs all general membership meetings.
- Chairs all Executive Board Meetings.
- Serves as a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board
- Nominates three (3) at large members of the Executive Board from the general membership IAW the By-Laws to be approved by the board.
- Appoints all committee chairpersons
- Appoints new members, as needed, to the Council of States
- Approves the minutes, provided by the Secretary, after each general membership meeting.



- Acts as the President in all of his duties when absent or incapacitated.
- Serves as the Chairman of the Ethics Committee.
- Calls meetings of the Ethics Committee as required.
- Serves as member of the Executive Board.



- Serves as the membership chairman.
- Issues membership cards to members as required.
- Records the minutes at all general membership meetings and provides them to the
  President for approval.
- After the President’s approval, provides the minutes to the Newsletter Editor for use in
  the next newsletter.
- Serves as a member of the Executive Board.



- Accounts for all monies of the Association.
- Establishes and maintains bank accounts as needed.
- Writes checks as directed by the President.
- Serves as a member of the Executive Board.



- Maintains order at all Association general membership meetings.
- Insures that a half and half drawing is held at all general membership meetings and
  provides any funds to the Treasurer.
- Serves as a member of the Executive Board.


4.   The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) members, being constituted and serving in this manner:

- The current President of this Association

- The immediate past President of this Association

- Three (3) positions filled by appointment by the existing Executive Board using
nominations from the President.


Note: As a new President is elected, he or she becomes the newest member of the Board, the past President stays on the Board, and the past President who has been on the Board rolls off.


*** A Board of Directors member may be removed by majority vote of the Executive Board for “cause” or by reason of resignation, death, or inactivity. That is, if a Board of Directors member is not a bona fide “active” member of this Association, having attended at least one regular business meeting in any 12 month calendar period, he or she will be removed for reason of inactivity – the same as is done for his or her current membership status. In such case, the Executive Board (the Board of Directors and the current officers) shall name a member in good standing to fill this unexpired Board term.


5.   The Executive Board shall consist of the Board of Directors, the current officers and appointed positions at the current President’s discretion (listed below). It shall meet, at least four (4) times annually to conduct Association business, propose activities, direct projects, and the like. Board meetings shall also include selected members, as is necessary and prudent in the conduct of business. Individual members wishing to attend Board of Directors meetings are invited to contact any Board member to request inclusion at such events. Time, space, and other factors may or may not permit such an inclusion, but every effort will be made to make such requesting members a part of the Board process. Such member attendance at Board meetings is limited to observation and comment. A bona fide Executive Board meeting shall occur when there is a minimum of five members present as a quorum. The Executive Board shall designate members in good standing to fill committee and other appointed positions. Such committees include, but are not limited to:

    *** Membership Committee: Assists prospective members, recruits, aids the Executive Board in such activities, prepares membership cards, etc. The chair of the Membership Committee shall be the current Secretary.

*** Entertainment/Social Committee: Proposes Association internal events, for members and their families/guests. After these are approved, arranges these functions and ensures their success.

*** Ethics/Conduct Committee: Investigates complaints, problems, issues raised by members or about members, involving any item which may affect the Association. Such issues might include inappropriate behavior in a shag or beach club, disagreements among members/others, and the like. Activities of this committee are conducted with discretion, in close concert with the President and the Board of Directors. Any action taken in the Association’s name as the result of such an issue is taken by the President or Board of Director’s, as appropriate. Any member seeking information about this committee’s activities may be informed by the President, Board of Directors, or committee chair, as appropriate. To insure confidentiality and to encourage the active resolution of issues, no public report of this committee’s activities is normally made. The Chair of the Ethics/Conduct Committee will be the current Vice President.

*** Council of States: Informs and advises the Executive Board and the general membership of Association-related activities occurring in states where five (5) or more active members reside. Two (2) Council of States members shall represent each state, and are also encouraged to seek out worthwhile activities for this Association to be involved in, in keeping with our stated goals and purposes. Members of the Council of States are highly encouraged to attend Board of Directors and Executive Board meetings, and may be called upon at any meeting to report on activities in their respective states.

Note: The following appointed positions also serve as members of the Executive Board, at the current President’s discretion. They do not have a vote on the Executive Board. Their duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

- Maintains the Association web site.
- Maintains the master membership roster for the Association.
- Ensures changes in member’s personal information is input as soon as
  practicable after being received.
- Coordinates with the Secretary/Membership Chairman to ensure web site is

Newsletter Editor:

- Publishes the Association newsletter IAW published schedules.
- Sends out the membership dues notice on or about July 15th each year.
- Sends out an Association-wide e-mail 1-2 weeks prior to each newsletter deadline to the
  general membership to remind them to submit articles and playlists.
- Edits all submissions as required.
- Coordinates with the President, Treasurer, and any other Executive Board members or
  members who normally write columns for the newsletter.
- Provides receipts to the Treasurer for reimbursement.



- Maintains the Association’s historical records.
- Maintains on file a copy of each of the Association’s newsletters.
- Maintains the official copy of the Association’s current By-Laws and copies of all past By-



- Acts as the focal point for Association responses to a member’s illness or death. As such, sends flowers and/or cards as appropriate in the name of the Association.
- Notifies the general membership, through e-mail, of such illness or death to a member..
- Recommends appropriate Association response to the President in the event of such an illness or death to an Association member.


6.   The membership of this organization includes five distinctive types. The age requirement to be a member of this Association, whether as a Lifetime, Regular, Associate, Honorary or Corporate member, is twenty-one (21) years of age. Only Lifetime, Regular and Corporate members may purchase Association banners.

*** Lifetime Member: A regular member who has been a Regular member of the Association for a minimum of two (2) years and has made a one time $500.00 payment to complete annual dues for life. Payment of this one time fee does not exempt a lifetime member from any other provision of these bylaws or in any way guarantee continuing membership. Such membership is not transferable for any reason.

*** Regular Member: Bona fide “Beach and Shag Club” deejays who meet all of the following requirements for voting membership.


 (A)   At the time of application for membership into the Association, such applicant must have at least one (1) year of play time and have played at least twelve (12) times either in a commercial beach or shag club or for a social shag club during the calendar year immediately preceding such application.

(B)    Positive sponsorship by at least one (1) Regular Association member in good standing, with that member’s name to be written on the “Application for Membership.” A sponsoring member and the prospective member must attend the meeting at which the prospective member’s application be considered.


(C)    A letter or memorandum of recommendation from a qualifying commercial beach or shag club, signed by the club owner/manager, and/or the president of a social shag club stating that the prospective member has played at least twelve (12) times during the previous twelve (12) months. Other supporting letters are encouraged, and may be required by the voting membership in cases where the prospective member and his or her performance as a “beach/shag club deejay” is not known. The Association, through the Chair, Membership Committee, or any other Executive Board member, as appropriate, reserves the right to independently verify any such documentation prior to final vote on a prospective member.


(D)    Entry approval by a majority of those Regular members present at the meeting where the prospective member’s application is voted on. The President (or presiding Executive Board Member) will call for discussion on each application, and will end this with a vote to approve or reject each application presented that is complete. Incomplete applications may be tabled for completion or voted on in the Associate category, as appropriate.


(E)     Each new member applicant must be heard by a Regular member appointed by the Membership Chairman before his or her membership is fully activated. There will be a waiting period of no more than six months from the time his or her application is presented, till the time the member is heard and fully activated as Regular member status.


(F)     Initial application fee of $100.00 (non-refundable). This should offset the cost of processing the application. Annual fee payable (pro-rated) upon being voted in by the General Membership.


(G)    All applications will be reviewed by Membership Chairman and have a cursory investigation done pertaining to all paperwork submitted with the application at this time.


(H)    All applications must have a minimum of one reference from either a commercial shag club or a local ACSC shag club.


(I)      Applicant must furnish his play dates for the next 3 months, along with his application, in order for the Membership Chairman to schedule a visitation.


(J)      All applications will automatically be held for no longer than 6 months after the initial investigation by the Membership Chairman. If there are any misrepresentations on the application, the applicant will be denied and the sponsor will be referred to the Ethics Committee for appropriate action.


(K)  During this time the applicant will be visited by a member appointed by the Membership Chairman and this member will report back to the Board. Upon the Board’s recommendation the applicant will then be presented to the General Membership for vote.


(L)  The member/members appointed for the visitation shall not be the sponsor, a known “good friend”, a relative or live in the same town as the applicant.


(M)  The criteria for the member to use in his assessment of the applicant and his report to the Board should include, but not be limited to; physical appearance, professionalism on microphone and relationship with people, type of equipment and apparent knowledge of equipment operation.


Note:  All applications for membership received by the Chair, Membership Committee will be published in the next scheduled association newsletter for review by the membership. Members will then have 10 days from the publication date of that newsletter to present any objections or comments regarding a prospective member in writing to the Chair, Membership Committee. After the 10 day review period ends and in conjunction with other provisions of this By-Law, the Chair, Membership Committee will make a determination as to disposition of an application such as review by the Executive Board, remedial action by the prospective member, or visitation and presentation to the general membership as described in (E), (J) and (K) above.

*** Associate Member: Those deejays who do not (or who do not yet) meet all the criteria in (A through M) above. Can also include social club or radio deejays, private deejays, or beginners. A letter of recommendation from a person, business, or organization familiar with the prospective Associate member’s performance as a deejay is required, as is the sponsorship of a Regular Association member


*** Corporate Member: Businesses, individuals, social shag clubs, and others who support the goals and purposes of this Association. Can include SPA clubs, Association of Carolina Shag Clubs member clubs, record companies, music stores or distributors, event sponsors, and the like. May be voted in by the general membership or accepted by the Executive Board, as is appropriate and expedient.

Note: Corporate members who donate funds or services, or otherwise support Association activities are invited to advertise their products or services at no charge in Association publications or at Association functions. These members are given “first chance” priority toward advertising opportunities at THROWDOWN and other Association-sponsored or affiliated events. Any such contribution is voluntary and is strongly appreciated by this Association. Appropriate recognition is afforded Corporate members for such gifts of funds or services as circumstances allow.


*** Honorary Member: Those persons who, at the request of the President or other Board of Directors member, are nominated for Honorary membership status. This type of membership will normally be reserved for the widows/widowers of deceased active members of the Association or other persons for whom this membership is deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors.

7.       Regular and Lifetime Membership status will be rendered inactive if one or more of the following occur:

*** Failure to attend at least one regular or mini meeting in a 12 month Fiscal/membership year. Effective October 1, 2009 and limited to the October 1 – September 30 membership year.


*** Failure to pay dues by September 10 of each calendar year. Dues are set at $35.00 for the first year and $25.00 each year thereafter for both Regular and Associate members. (As noted above, there are no dues for Corporate members, however it is requested that Corporate members make an annual donation similar to the dues noted above to the Association.) These are due August 1 each year. Early payment allows the Membership Chair to insure that new membership cards are available at the annual September meeting. While a grace period extends to September 10, it is not conducive to smooth operation of the Association’s finances for members to not pay by the regular due date.


*** Failure to pay other monies owed to the Association or its members on a timely basis. Includes monies owed for banners, apparel, or other items, as well as debts to Association members related to the “deejay” profession. While it is not the aim or within the purview of the Association to regulate such “commerce” between members, membership responsibility and
general “good citizenship” includes “paying your bills” to other members, including corporate members. To do otherwise reflects poorly, in some cases, on all members and, as such, could prove detrimental to the Association. All members are encouraged to carry on open, honest dialogues with other members in this respect, and to make ongoing payment arrangements if immediate payment is not possible. Ethics Committee or membership vote activity is possible where these guidelines are not followed.


*** Serious misconduct in the performance of professional deejay duties or while otherwise “representing” this Association in a personal capacity. All Association members, in any category, are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all “beach,” “shag,” and other related events, activities, meetings, charitable functions, and the like. Although every member is encouraged to fully participate in such festivities while performing or simply attending, our public, easily identifiable image must be upheld by reasonable decorum. This section is left widely defined. Serious misconduct will result in Ethics Committee/Executive Board investigation and, where indicated, action by regular members at the next meeting. Where indicated, in such a case of alleged serious misconduct, the President may immediately act to suspend any member pending final action by the membership. Such a suspension is “investigatory” in nature and should not be construed otherwise. Any member with such allegations pending brought against him or her shall be availed of the opportunity to fully respond to such prior to final vote to remove him or her from membership. Such response may take the form of a written explanation or appearance before the Executive Board/Ethics Committee, as appropriate.

Any member who is placed inactive status will have his or her name removed from the membership roster. Inactive members are not eligible to participate in any Association activity, including meetings, THROWDOWN, S.O.S., newsletter, etc., may not be referred for playing by the Association to any outside organization and is prohibited from displaying any banner displaying the Association’s logo while performing any DeeJay activities. Any member who wishes to be reinstated as an active member must complete the reinstatement request form on the webpage and submit to the secretary 30 days prior to the next general membership meeting. The form submittal shall include a check in the amount of the current dues plus $15 late fee. Those inactive members will be announced and reinstated during the next general membership meeting. If the reinstatement is requested for the Fall SOS meeting, the reinstatement will occur on October 1st of that year.


8.    All monies due the Association or members of the Association shall be processed expediently through the Treasurer. All disbursements of monies by this Association shall also be done through this same office. For orderly bookkeeping purposes, all monies dispensed shall have supporting documentation, including receipts, bills of sale, or the like. Members, officers, or the Board of Directors should present documentation of reimbursable expenses as soon as possible to the Treasurer. Anticipated expenses may be “paid in advance,” where feasible and prudent, by the Treasurer in his or her discretion. Full, regular supporting documents may then be supplied to verify these expenses as they occur. There will be a limit of $50.00 on any reimbursable expenditure by any officer or member without approval of the Executive Board. For special events or unexpected expenses where normal documentation or receipts may not be available or practical. Monies dispensed should correspond to actual play time, as determined by the participating member and the event coordinator. The same shall be true for other, similar events.


9.   Code of Conduct: Generally, as representatives of this Association, Regular and Associate members are expected to conduct themselves reasonably at all times when attending any event, function, charitable undertaking, or the like related to the music/dance that is the central focus of this Association. This includes time at such as a deejay, participant, or spectator, whether as a paying or invited participant or guest. The professional image of this Association must be maintained or enhanced by its members whenever a member is in “the public eye.” Since members, by their status and stature in the beach/shag community, are oftentimes most recognizable, whether working or not, this maintenance of appropriate decorum is critical. This is not intended in any way to discourage members from full enjoyment of the good times that accrue from active participation in any such event. Rather, members should, and are encouraged to, lead such celebrations, spreading their personal and professional cheer, charm, and good will wherever they go.


      Specific allegations purporting misconduct by a member should be directed to the President or a member of the Board of Directors for correct and appropriate investigation and action. A finding of serious misconduct can lead to dismissal of a member and full revocation of all rights and privileges of Association membership. Lesser actions may also occur if warranted and appropriate. Such a member’s actions can reflect with great intensity on the credibility of this Association and all other members, such allegations of misconduct are taken seriously and treated with expedience, with a dedicated aim toward resolution and correction of any proven or perceived problem. A member dismissed for reason of serious misconduct may reapply for membership after five (5) calendar years, with supporting documentation that the problem has been corrected and that intervening performance and citizenship has been acceptable. Re-admission after such dismissal may only be accomplished by two-thirds (67%) positive vote of the Regular members present at the annual meeting in September.


10. An annotated list of all members, in all three categories, shall be maintained by the Secretary and made available to the Executive Board members on a continuing basis; that is, as changes occur. This list shall also be made available to others in the beach/shag community via the Association’s web page.


      Where possible, this list will be provided to any industry providers of products or services (record companies, recording artists, equipment manufacturers or distributors, etc.) so that product samples or merchandise discounts or giveaways may accrue to Association members. Executive Board members will seek out such sources and attempt to secure meaningful discounts or other considerations for Association members, totaling at least 10%, as a target reference.


11. The logo for the Association was designed in 1983 by Mr. Mike Lewis, a member of this organization. Mr. Lewis officially donated this logo in 1991, upon this organization’s formation, for use of this Association, in perpetuity.


This logo is the property of The Association of Beach and Shag Club Deejays and may be used for any appropriate reason by Regular members of the Association. Any questionable use of the logo should be referred to the President or Executive Board for investigation and approval. Inappropriate or unauthorized use of the logo is considered serious misconduct, as well as illegal infringement of the copyright.


12.  The “Hall of Fame” for organization members was established by vote of the members present at a regular meeting. Currently, due to the earlier “Beach DJ Hall of Fame” established by Mr. Harold Bessent, which now largely consists of Association officers, Board of Directors members, and members at large, the Association’s own “Hall” has not yet been constituted. For reasons of these ByLaws, it stands unformulated at this time, open for later action, if desired by the membership.


The “Richard Nixon Memorial Service Award” for organization members was established by vote of the members present at a regular meeting. This award is presented annually to the deejay or deejays who have performed outstanding service other than deejay service for any one or all of the following entities: the Association of Beach and Shag Club Deejays, the shag dance community at large or the shag and beach music community at large. The criteria for nomination and selection of winners shall be determined by the Board of Directors.


Following is the proposed criteria for nomination and selection which is presented to the membership for information purposes only:


A. Only current regular members are eligible.

B. The nominees must have conducted all their affairs in accordance with ABSCDJ Bylaws.

C. Nomination will be by the regular members with a paragraph (or more) in writing describing the nominee’s activities. The nominations will be presented to the President no later than October 15th of each year. The President will send out copies of the nominations to each Board member by November 30th and a vote will be held by the Board at the Mid-Winter meeting to select the winner or winners.
D. One or two deejays may win the award each year.

E. An appropriate presentation memento (plaque, etc.) will be selected by the ABSCDJ President. The award will be presented to the winner(s) on Saturday night at the annual Throwdown. A plaque listing all past award winners will be maintained at Duck’s Beach Club in North Myrtle Beach, SC.


13. The “Free Play Rule” was enacted to insure and foster fair, equitable competition among members of this Association, at their insistence. This “rule” requires members to always charge a reasonable fee when playing beach/shag music in a commercial or social shag club setting, notwithstanding the actual location of the event or function. In the case of charitable activities, not associated with this organization itself, members may elect to donate their services or time back to that charitable activity. In the case of Association sponsored or approved events, members may be asked to voluntarily perform their professional deejay activities, to the greater good of the Association and its deep commitment to community, regional and national well being. Any such action on the member’s part is voluntary – it is absolutely forbidden that any member be directed by any officer, Board of Director’s member, or any other members at large to perform professional deejay services without recompense. Such action is considered serious misconduct and grounds for dismissal. All participation by members in Association activities, such as THROWDOWN events, is strictly by that member’s personal choice. A member’s election to not participate in such voluntary, unpaid events has no bearing whatsoever on the status of that member in this Association. While participation is certainly encouraged, and may at times, be solicited by the President, Board of Directors or Event Chairs, it remains the sole purview of the member as to whether or not he or she elects to take part. Previous commitments, time, distance, financial, and other considerations all play a part in such decisions, and, as such, any final determination must remain the province of the individual member.


14. The Executive Board may authorize any constituency of the Association to enter into a contract. Or execute and deliver any instrument in behalf of this Association. Such authority may be general or specific in nature. Any such contract or instrument must be approved in advance by the Executive Board.


15. The Board of Directors has established banking account(s) for the Association, to facilitate the conduct of Association business and affairs. Signatory authority, the nature and number of such accounts, the location of such accounts, and ancillary matters are determined as necessary by action of that Board. The Treasurer shall be the agent of the Board in these matters, and shall report regularly to the membership of the status and activities of these account(s).


16. Whenever any notice (as a legal action under the North Carolina Non-Profit Corporation Act, or any like legislation from another state or government entity) is required to be given to any member of this Association, or similar action under the charter or By-Laws of this Association, a waiver thereof in writing, signed by the person or persons entitled to such notice, whether before or after the time stated therein, shall be equivalent, for these purposes only to the actual giving of such notice.


17. The fiscal year (and membership year, as well) of this Association is set as October 1 through September 30. In certain circumstances, where appropriate, the Executive Board may approve for other such periods to replace this one.


18. Except as provided herein, these By-Laws may be amended or replaced by new or additional ByLaws by the affirmative vote of a majority of the then current Executive Board in a duly constituted meeting of said body, followed by announcement in a regular newsletter and adoption by vote of the majority of members at a regular meeting as described in (B) below. However, the Executive Board shall have no authority to change, replace or otherwise alter the constituted By-Laws in specific circumstances where (1) the actual number of members required to constitute a quorum or voting majority is considered; (2) provision for the actual management of the Association is considered for any entity other than its duly constituted Board of Directors; and (3) the number of Board of Directors members is considered as any number other than the originally constituted five positions.


A.   No By-Law adopted or amended by the general membership may be altered or repealed by unilateral action of the Board of Directors or the Executive Board.

B.   The majority of members at any duly called regular meeting may consider amendment, adoption, or repeal of any By-Law as presented by the Executive Board, so long as a quorum is present. Proposed alterations, amendments or new By-Laws must be announced in a newsletter prior to a regular meeting and then discussed at that meeting, with any changes agreed on. The proposed alterations, amendments or new By-Laws, with any changes already discussed will then be voted on at the next regular meeting. The three regular meetings of this Association shall consist of the meetings held during Fall S.O.S., Spring S.O.S. and the annual THROWDOWN meeting. A quorum is set as 35% of the then current Regular members. Inactive members may neither vote nor be considered in the quorum factor.


19. The Board of Directors may authorize purchase and maintenance of liability insurance for the protection of those conducting official business of this Association. This includes members of the Board of Directors, Executive Board, employees, and other officials, agents, or representatives duly authorized by the Association to carry out its business, both past and present. This insurance may cover any liability arising out of the legitimate conduct of such business, including that done by any agent or employee of another corporation, partnership, joint venture, trust, or other enterprise, even if this Association would not otherwise have the power to indemnify him or her against that liability.


20.  An annual weekend event/party sponsored by the Association was established by vote of the members present at a regular meeting. The event is named DJ THROWDOWN and is held the first full weekend in March with this being defined as the first weekend with a Friday March date. DJ THROWDOWN is held every year in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. at a location determined by the Board of Directors. All DJ THROWDOWN event planning and supervision is conducted by the Throwdown Chairman with assistance from the Executive Board. Any change in date or venue location for DJ THROWDOWN must be proposed and approved by the Board of Directors followed by approval of the members present at a regular meeting. The membership must be notified at least 15 days prior to any regular meeting regarding a proposed change in date or venue location.


21.     For information on this Association or these By-Laws, contact:

         - Mr. Steve Baker (919) 847-5283/(919) 676-2159

    - Mr. Butch Metcalf (336) 883-9873

    - Mr. David Sessoms (910) 424-2628/(910) 977-3518








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