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The Association of Beach and Shag Club DeeJays (ABSCDJ) is a primarily social organization comprised of members interested in the dissemination, further expansion, and preservation of beach and shag music and the directly related lifestyles that accrue from it.


We strive to exhibit a high level of professionalism in both our presentation of this music and in our personal demeanor while doing it.


The Association is a committed, integral part of every community it serves, especially in relation to charitable functions which benefit these communities and their constituencies, of which we also are an active part.


While the personal goals, behavior and performance of each individual member are not within the direct purview or close control of this primarily social organization, the great majority of its members are seriously committed to daily demonstration of the highest standards of each of these areas. We care deeply about both our music and how we play it.


 From its seminal beginnings in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1984, with design of an organizational logo, a first themed tee shirt and discussion of proposed goals and objectives, to its formal chartering several years later in Atlantic Beach, N. C. by a core group of founders, the organization's roots are as deep and intense as the music and dance we strive to preserve and promulgate.


A personal goal for our members includes not only their personal enjoyment of this wonderful genre of music and the dance that it brings to life, but also the sharing of this, the learning process involving the music and dance, and much, much more.  We welcome your interest,

participation, questions and constructive suggestions.







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